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The dangers of online dating sites

The dangers of online dating stem from what can be perceived as strengths. First of all, anonymity does not guarantee the authenticity of the person with whom you are chatting. It is not uncommon to imagine talking to a person with a certain profile picture and with certain characteristics, only to find yourself in a completely different person. Here you can find the best dating site with single parent meet reviews. Incidents of this kind can happen quite frequently, as the online allows you to describe yourself in the best way, often also falsified, only to hope that the real image is equally appreciated by the interlocutor when you meet live. although this aspect does not so much concern Italy, but above all foreign countries in which there is still a strong condemnation, even institutional, of homosexuality, straight men can use apps and online dating sites to find, have arrested or used violence against gay people, who see in these apps the only way to communicate with other gay people. Other dangers of online dating are, in fact, common to occasional encounters that can arise in live contexts, and have to do with the lack of knowledge of the other, as well as of his or her health and serological status. It is always good, therefore, if you decide to use these applications for occasional meetings, to follow the guidelines relating to safe sex even more carefully, first and foremost the use of condoms.

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